Six years ago, I was invited to an all-expense paid trip to Paris, France. The commitment of time was 21 days, and I could only agree to that if I was able to set up a painting studio in Paris, and continue my work. My host agreed to find a studio that I could work in and with that the journey began.

My concept was to create small Mini Minnies, approximately the size of a postcard. They would all be drawn and painted in a sketch style. The concept of calling the works "French Postcards" was a perfect solution based on the size, and the concept of titling all of the artworks with French titles became such an obvious solution, for example, "Bon Apetite", "Bon Voyage", "Bon Bon", etc. (We all know a little French, and the titles were all easily recognizable to English speaking people.)

My goal was to create 40 originals in the 21 days. I did get on the plane to return home with 35 beautiful little "French Postcards".

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.